Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: (American) Women's Night Out!

Monday, July 24, 2006

(American) Women's Night Out!

This is my second post about some of the wonderful women of America. Ann Coulter sometimes says bad things. I condemn her for doing it (where applicable). That said, she gives credit to Bush that I had not considered.
The fact that Israel is able to launch an attack on Hezbollah today without instantly inciting a multination conflagration in the Middle East is proof of what Bush has accomplished. He has begun to create a moderate block of Arab leaders who are apparently not interested in becoming the next Saddam Hussein.
I'm not entirely convinced that the leaders don't want to be the next Saddam Hussein. My hopeful belief is that they are finally considering the lives of their people, and don't want to risk destroying those lives. Either way, kudos to them!

Just to prove that looks can be deceiving, here is an old picture of her in a CNBC debate:

See? Even hippies come around eventually! Man, I hate hippies.

(Yes, I photoshopped her just a wee bit. Her enjoyment of the Grateful Dead, a passion shared by your's truly, demanded it. But take away all the metal and tattoos, and that is one beautiful woman. Ugly women with a brain are beautiful to me. Beautiful women with a brain... well, they mostly just make me stutter. I have no doubt that a meeting between Ann Coulter and myself would go badly.)

Update: Le submitted a photo from even earlier in Ms. Coulter's career, back in the days when women didn't shave their legs. You've come a long way, baby!

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