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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Christian Humor

During times of trouble, I always find comfort in a poem I heard when I was a child called "Footprints in the Stone Sand". I don't remember exactly how it went, but the basic premise is a man has a dream where he's walking with the Lord and scenes of his life were being shown to him. In some of the scenes, there are two sets of footprints wherever he had gone. He asks about that and the Lord says, "Those are my footprints, I was walking beside you."

Then he sees a few of his most difficult moments in life, and notices that there is only one set of footprints during these times, and wonders why. The Lord says, "During those times, I was helping one of the other 6.5 BILLION people on the planet. Man, you are seriously self-centered!"

UPDATE: I've been informed that the poem actually ends quite differently. I blame senility (I'm 98 years old, see profile. You can't lie on those things).

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