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Monday, August 21, 2006

Too funny

Ace of Spades found the website of Jaqueline Passy where she talks about how great a catch she is.

She's very plain looking, but most people are (myself included). What's so funny is how she avoids realizing how plain she is :)

Read it. It's worth the time. It is truly hilarious. Well, it's either hilarious if she's joking, or very sad if she's serious. She looks like the funny type to me. Or at least smart enough to know not to talk about how great you are on the net. If someone who looked good posted this, (like that girl from 'Friends'), I'd think it was horribly arrogant. But coming from a regular person, it's just funny :)

Her advice? Don't to aspire to find someone as beautiful as her, and to try to pick up chubby women with kids instead! Seriously, read it :)

Update: I found 4 typos/missing words in this post. Who the heck is breaking into my site and creating these typos? I'm on to you!

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