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Friday, April 13, 2007

My New Book is Out

John Gray got it almost right. Except that men aren't from Mars. Because of this misconception, he mistakenly believes that better dialogue is the key to happiness in a relationship. Talk is cheap, John. Didn't it ever occur to you that it's hard to have an argument with your spouse if you aren't talking to them?

In an effort to help more people maintain a happy and beneficial marriage, I've written a book that will resolve most of the anger in marriages today. I hope everyone picks up a copy!

It's mostly written for men, but women are the primary benefactors. There is an entire chapter in there on relationship do's and don'ts from a male perspective. For example, don't call your wife a nappy headed ho. A lot of men don't know this, but women dislike that label. Here's another: Don't tell your wife that she is as pretty as her sister. Women appreciate compliments, but in my experience, this one doesn't impress them much. I don't know why, I'm just writing the facts. We can't even hope to understand them. They're from Venus!

You'll have to buy the book to get the rest of the advice.

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