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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fred on Things

It's too early to choose a candidate for the Presidential election in Novemer, 2008. That said, I'm voting for Fred Thompson. My main causes are ending Islamofascism, and shutting our borders. Here's Fred on borders:

Here's Fred on more things:

Fred on the war, and on everything else (part 2 of the same interview):

"We ought to give great leeway to the states [to make their own decisions/laws]"
"I'm against gun control, generally."
"...We can't keep funding the part of the world that is causing us so much problems."
"[Would you pardon Libby now, or wait until appeals are exausted] I'd do it now."
"I'm pro-life."

He stands for things important to me, and is eloquent and articulate. He reminds me of Reagan in more ways than twenty. I think I have a man-crush on this guy. Duncan Hunter is good, but he doesn't seem to have a shot at winning. Fred does.

For these reasons, Fred Thompson deserves the golden aura, being the last time I will use this effect, as far as you know.

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