Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: I'm with you half the way

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm with you half the way

Hippie protest in San Francisco. I don't think we should be leaving Iraq, since it would mean wholesale slaughter of Iraqis in the immediate future, and a terrorist haven in the not-too-distant future, which would require yet another war to fix.

But seriously, why did we invade this man's ovaries?

America has gone too far this time. The US should stay out of all men's ovaries. I'm petitioning Congress to amend the Constitution to say as much.

Update: This woman kept repeating to all of the men in the crowd, "HEY! My eyes are up here!" But I wasn't looking where she thinks I was looking.

Look into the Mach 3 system for ladies, hippiegirl. It's not expensive, and may even make you less angry about freeing 25 million Iraqi people (to apparently kill each other, barring the spectacular Khurds of course). Apologies to the ladies, but I'm suddenly in the mood to Impeac someone. If she shaves. Otherwise, no Impeac-ments will occur.

More funny hippie protest pictures here.

Update 2: Here's an in depth photo-study of both the good and bad guys on that same day, but in DC. Everyone expects hippies in both locales, but in DC, the good guys were out in force! It's in 4 parts, and well worth reading. Here's my favorite picture:

It's intended as a joke, but this is indeed how low we've sunk: Our bravest Americans, even our bravest women, can expect spittle from the wussy left. Hippies should be illegal.

Listen to our anthem

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