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Monday, March 19, 2007

Hippies Stink

His plan worked well against a foreign government that actually cared about humanity. But did he try to use it against one that didn't? It looks like he did.

This is, in essence, why I hate hippies. Some people just suck. Nazis sucked. Islamonazis suck. Hippies don't seem to care, and instead focus on someone's low pay, too much CO2 in the atmosphere, or an unemployed paraplegic with ADD or something. Most of those things are bad, but can't hippies see the bigger picture? Hippies suck as much as their Nazi or Islamofascist benefactors.

I hope that the father of all hippies (and maker of a really good rice) didn't suggest that England should roll over and accept Nazi domination, but I also know deep in my heart that he did indeed do exactly this thing. That's why his halo is red. Screw him.

Hippies made some pretty good music in their day, but it's not good enough to cover for the damage they caused.

Seriously, I hate hippies.

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