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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Political Correctness Kills

Diana West is calling a spade a spade. She blames multiculturalism, the idea that all cultures were created equal, as the reason the West seem incapable of mounting a united defense against the foes of freedom.
It is a strange, tentative civilization we have become, with leaders who strut their promises of "no surrender" even as they flinch at identifying the foe. Four years past 9/11, we continue to shadow-box "terror," even as we go on about "an ideology of hate".
I blame political correctness as the root of our problems, since it has allowed the idea of multiculturalism to take seed. It is political correctness that forces us to permit multiculturalists to deny our true enemy. I hope her next article notes this.

It's a powerful (and short!) article, well worth a read.

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