Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Changes Required for the Blonde Party

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Changes Required for the Blonde Party

Longtime readers may be aware that I recently gave up on the Republican party. That doesn't leave us any options. Rather than embrace the dark side of the force, I suggested that we all vote for the blonde party. They probably won't do what we elected them for either, but at least they are fun to listen to!

After recent remarks I've been hearing, I'm forced to make some changes to the Blonde Party lineup. It is with a heavy heart that I do this, but change is necessary. Here are my new nominees:

Hah! You thought I was deleting someone, huh? Never! The one in question could eat a cheeseburger or two, but removing her is out of the question. Instead, I introduce you to a new Blonde party nominee: Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Hopefully, she will be our Secretary of Bashing BS. Watch her in action! It's a year old, from when she was still in the Netherland's Parliament. She's gotten even better at public speaking, but this is my favorite of her interviews, since it's clear she's risking her life speaking out. Yet she continues. That's Blonde party material.

Aside: I ask a favor from all black haired people. In the future, please only get photographed in front of a white background. I'm not good enough at Photoshop to mask black on black. Don't you care about people who want to pshop you into compromising positions? Thanks in advance!

Update: WOW! I like the guy in the center. If he dies his hair blonde, he's in.

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