Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: The Newest Minimum Wage Position

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Newest Minimum Wage Position

George Bush has agreed to a plan to let 100 Mexican trucking companies operate their trucks everywhere in the United States. Interesting points:

Unlike American truckers, Mexican truckers:

-Won't understand the street signs
-Do not have to comply to OSHA standards
-Won't have to stop at weigh stations
-Don't keep logs (which are used by the police to enforce trucking laws)

They also won't even have to get paid the American minimum wage. Why would big businesses pay for expensive American truckers when they can get Mexican ones at below minimum wage? this is a stunning defeat for American workers. In exactly the same way being a butcher moved from a wage that could support a family to one with the lowest pay allowed by law, so too will go the trucking industry.

I'm not a trucker, but WTH is Bush thinking? He is truly starting to hurt America. This blog is inches from switching to a Bush bashing site. He's not the guy I thought I was voting for.

Glenn Beck's not happy either.

(The 'cat' reference at the end was about something not in the video.)

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