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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Everybody Has an Ancient Axe to Grind

People in the western world marvel at the ridiculous hatred between the Sunni and Shia. This bitterness has gone on for over a thousand years, and violence between the two muslim sects has been continuous, only varying in degree. Its parallel in the West would be a thousand year feud between Baptists and Presbyterians, which is a ludicrous idea in our civilized world.

But are we truly so much more enlightened? True, we don't kill over religion anymore, but we still have millenia old arguments that remain unresolved to this day. I was reading a book, "The True Story of the Battle of Hastings". It explained that the entire battle was started over a disagreement as to which aspect of lite beer was the most important. Obviously, it got out of hand*:

Sadly, the answer to this age old question has yet to be resolved, and is a powder keg waiting to set off destruction on a massive scale. Can't we agree that it taste's great AND is less filling?

* - Dramatic license taken with the picture, since I'm not old enough to have been at the battle of Hastings. Some of it is guesswork.

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