Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Small Minority Found to Spoil it for the Rest of Us

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Small Minority Found to Spoil it for the Rest of Us

Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky didn't like the fact that the Seattle Airport had Christmas tree decorations in the terminal, but no Menorah. Mr. Bogomilsky explained, "I don't celebrate Christmas. So if it's not a fun holiday for me, why should anyone else be allowed to enjoy it? " Taking a page from the ACLU's standard ops manual, he threatened a lawsuit. The airport caved, ensuring there will be no joy or happiness in the Seattle International Airport this year. The Christmas trees were removed.

Stating that nobody should be happy if he isn't happy, Rabbi Elazar said that next he plans to sue the local 7-11 because they don't sell kosher salt. "They sell Christian salt at every 7-11 store in America, but no kosher salt. That is religious discrimination if I've ever seen it."

Update: Angel disagrees. I'm sticking with my position.

Update II: Le says that the rabbi has withdrawn his threat of a lawsuit, and the trees will go back up! Kudos to the airport for doing exactly the right thing by not appeasing him because of his threat. It would be better if they worked together next year to put up a menorah in the interest of inclusiveness, but this year they did the right thing. I'm not a fan of people who use Christmas decorations as a tool to force their own agendas. The difference between, "Would you put up a menorah for the celebration of Chanukah?" and, "If you are going to put up Christmas decorations, then you must put up Chanukah decorations, or I'll sue!" is the difference between night and day.

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