Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Why Tim Blair is Wrong

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Why Tim Blair is Wrong

Archaeologists recently found a city of caves in Mexico inhabited by men almost a million years ago. They were so primitive that their garbage bags didn't even have a built-in drawstring. Twist-tie only. But they found some interesting information about the race. It was considered odd that they wrote in English, but what was even more amazing was the sign they found, similar to the 'Hollywood' sign seen in California:

They knew the truth, even back then. Scientists determined that the sign was five inches above the ground when it was created. Now, one million years later, it's seven inches under water. That's a one foot rise in the water level! Make your plans, and say goodbye to your loved ones, friends. This is proof positive that in a few million years, global warming will destroy us with rising sea levels. Soon the world will be one big ocean if my calculations are correct.

Tim Blair laughs at the Global Warming Doctrineers, and makes fun of them almost daily. But he's wrong, and we are all going to die. How many years will it take for him to realize the truth? Global warming will destroy us in less than 10 million years if we don't act now. And it will be Tim's fault.


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