Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Ouch!

Friday, March 02, 2007


I've been labeled a crazy psycho right-wing commenter! Crazy AND psycho? Frankly, I'm offended. Either one of them would have been enough. Put them together, and that's just rude. Plus, they call me 'stinky' over there. Which is absurd, since I smell pretty good almost 50% of the time.

Background: Andrew Levy, on a humorous FNC show named "Redeye", hits on a pretty woman in a very humorous way (by agreeing with everything she says, and even when she has no comment), but you have to have seen the show to not be offended by my photo. More proof that it's more fun to comment than to blog :). TiVo Redeye if you can, channel 360 on DirecTV, 2am EST. They have Rachel Marsden as a permanent pundit. Pretty AND smart, in the vein of Ann Coulter, from the cool part of Canada. Who could ask for more?

Update: Is this funny? Or gross? Or both? I can't tell anymore.

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