Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: BBC and NYT Surrender to Facts

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

BBC and NYT Surrender to Facts

First to break was the BBC. Now, even the NYT is forced to admit that man made global warming is kind of silly. Glenn Beck gleefully explains:

When even the Beeb and the Grey Lady have to admit that much from the Book of Global Warming is false, it's over. Whatever socialist agenda that was being planned by the UN and the environmentalists will no longer fly. Even the uninformed are beginning to get it. I look forward to getting back to the science of climatology and leaving the politics of climatology behind.

Anyway, too much Glenn Beck, huh? It's hard though, since he's willing to be more honest than anyone on TV at the moment. Why are we worrying about silly things like "Man attempts to destroy world with CO2" or "Cross in San Diego spells beginning of Christian crusade", when we should be worrying about "Islam attempts to dominate world by jihad and/or massive birthrate/immigration". The latter is all that matters at the moment.

Now you know why.

***This video kind of stretches the idea of 'fair use' since it's so long, but I hope CNNHN and Glenn Beck will let it slide and not delete it from YouTube. It benefits Headline News, since many people are unaware that a conservative exists on a CNN network. Sadly, he's all alone there, but that might change if we watch!

UPDATE: Well, not really an update per se. More of a 'completely unrelated item'... If you watch the TV show 'Heroes', this might be funny to you. It was to me.

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