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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Sign that Pissed Me Off

It's an exhibit at The Museum of Science in Hoboken, NJ (something like that - I forgot to write down it's name). Overall, it's a good place to take kids. But this exhibit was ridiculous. Basically, it boiled down to saying that a couple of worshipers of Islam wrote books about good herbs to eat, drink or wear when you get sick. But then it takes great pains to explain how important these books were, since they were translated into European languages a few hundred years later.

Sheesh. Talk about grasping at straws! One has only to look at the state of the nations that Islam is prevalent in to realize that they have nothing to do with science and technology. But that's not the part that bugged me. Could you imagine if this place hosted an exhibit called 'Christian Science Rediscovered', or, God forbid, 'Jewish Science Rediscovered'?

First, they'd have to rent a few more buildings for the massive amounts of inventions and discoveries they'd need to show examples of, but more importantly, how long would it be before someone cried racism or one of the various phobias?

0 seconds is my guess.

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