Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Big Rip Off That's Kind of Cool

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Big Rip Off That's Kind of Cool

AeroGarden is cool as heck. It's a total rip-off, but something about growing tomatoes in the wintertime is appealing. $179 for the thing, and $15 for 3 measly seeds. Regardless, it gets three thumbs up from me.

You get to teach the kids about how we get our food, learn about hydroponics (or aeroponics, depending upon who you ask) and watch plants grow at about twice the speed or more compared to ones you planted in soil. Plus, you only have to feed/water it once every two weeks. Too cool. Here's the tomato plants, 4 wks after planting.

You get 7 plants instead of the three shown here if you choose a smaller plant, like lettuces or herbs. Honestly, I've no interest in tomatoes or any vegetable at all for that matter (cows taste better!), but it's strangely appealing to watch them grow, almost in real-time.

So if you need to buy a Christmas or birthday present for someone who has everything already, this is the thing. Months of fun.

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