Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: New Jersey!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Jersey!

Many people have said to me, "Blogagog, what does the back of your mother's head look like?" Well, friends, ask no more!

I bet it's a dye-job, since I'm 98, and suspect that she's even older than me. Sadly, I can't find any documents to prove it. I'm banned from posting family pics by my evil wife (actually I think she's just a step-wife, or some kind of wife-in-law or something. Regardless, she's pure evil!!! Hand to gosh.), but she let this one slip by.

New Jersey was great! Pizza in NJ is the best in the whole world, Italy and NY included. Never seen the kids so happy. $1.75 a slice is all it took to shut those little whippersnappers up. Woohoo!

But if you are interested in romance, steer clear of NJ. She has crabs.

Tiny crabs still count as crabs in my book. No thanks, Ms. New Jersey. I'm married anyway. Quit hitting on me, you crazy state! Can you believe this, people? NJ is such a floozy!

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