Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: A Call for War?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Call for War?

I haven't been a good conservative lately, preferring to wax on about useless drivel (it's actually quite fun. You should try it!) And this cold heartless comment is probably not going to do much to win back my conservative credentials (though it sadly may get me nazi creds), but at some point you have to smack your enemy down so hard that they get the message.

Friends, it's time to empty Gaza. No good can come from allowing it to exist. Even the children are poisoned with hatred. Like the sad fate of Vick's fighting dogs, there is no other option possible. Euthanize.

Even hippies must realize that no amount of deprogramming can fix these poor children. They're taught hate, and hate they will. You can't remove that type of bile. Better to snuff that life out and hope there's a Heaven for them to get into than to allow them to continue to hate and kill indiscriminately, all the while spreading their most evil of diseases. It's a vicious cycle of hatred that will last forever, and the entire world is culpable for allowing it to continue.

It's fine if you want to drop leaflets for a week or so saying that the Gaza strip is about to become rubble, so they can go hide in Egypt, but it DOES have to be done. palestinians had a shot at becoming human beings and governing themselves, and they blew it. There's no reason to give them another chance. They're damaged beyond repair.

All of the Gazan palestinians who have not been brainwashed (as well as a bunch who have) have already escaped that hellhole and gone on to live lives in other countries. The crazy ones are all that's left. Even the people who are only 90% insane (Fatah aka the PLO) have bolted. Those that are left believe that their evil hatred has guaranteed them a place in paradise, so the world will actually be doing them a favor by reducing that strip to a rubble strewn parking lot.

UPDATE: By 'empty Gaza', I meant 'obliterate Gaza'. Sorry for the confusion.

UPDATE II: As some of you know, I have given up my quest to become Jewish in solidarity with them over the kidnapped Israeli soldiers. Unfortunately, it involved us moving to Hollywood or back to the NY/NJ area, and Fridays are always very busy for me anyway, but that shouldn't stop anyone from criticizing Olmert. It certainly won't stop me! Olmert, I'm a HUGE fan of your nation. Why aren't you? Be like Denny Crane. Shoot the bad guys! It's that simple.

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