Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: More 'Big Love' Kudos

Sunday, August 19, 2007

More 'Big Love' Kudos

This girl singing the song is evil as heck in the series "Big Love", but what fantastic un-coached pipes (note the lack of tremolo/vibrato)! My taste for music tends more to Nirvana/Floyd/Mozart/The Archies, but this song was moving. A happy song made sad by being sung in a minor key while EVERYONE in every scene, including the singer, was extremely unhappy. Whomever the director of Big Love is, he deserves a raise. Brilliant.

Just FYI, the guy at the beginning of the scene has just been given a lethal dose of morphine (unknown to him). I kept him in the clip to add to the ambiance. Watch Big Love on HBO. You'll be happy you did. In a sad way.

Update: Who's the coolest person in the series? This girl:

I only mention it because I'm fascinated with this new (to me) trick of greying out the background. Aura left in on purpose in this case. Expect to see some more goofy pictures using this tactic in the future. I wonder what it would look like if I removed her aura and bumped her light levels! And if this isn't an image that deserves some 'unsharp masking', then I don't know one that does... and what if the tint was changed? I bet her eyes could be drawn out by a... Hmm. Gotta go.

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