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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Worth Reading

If you read blogs, you've no doubt seen Michael Totten's interview with an Iraqi translator. But just in case you haven't, click this. This is the message that the left either doesn't understand or doesn't care about.

MJT: What do you think about the possibility of Americans leaving?

Hammer: It is like bad dream. Very bad dream. A nightmare. Worse than that. Like sending me back to jail. Like they set me free for four years then sent me back to jail or gave me a death sentence.

His solution to the troubles in Iraq? "Give them electricity." Doesn't that seem like something we could accomplish? I think the towers are still getting blown up by jihadis, so why not just bury them? Fixing a blown up wire that is buried would be much easier than replacing a tower. Just wonderin'.

His other solution is also great. "Charge money to the families of insurgents. Fine them huge amounts of money if anyone in their family is captured or killed and identified as an insurgent. Make them pay. You can put it into law. Within one week they won’t do anything wrong because they want money. Their familes will make them stop."

Heck yeah. Let's all become Iraqi citizens and help elect this guy to be 'Head of Everything' in Iraq.

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