Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Vacation

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I had a great visit to New Jersey. We did a lot of fun things, one of which was going to see the Colbert Report in the city. He's as liberal as John(sic) Stewart, but acts like a conservative to be funny. It really works for me. I find his show to be the most enjoyable show on TV at the moment (save perhaps 'Arrested Development"). Unfortunately, they confiscate your camera if you take pictures. So obviously I could not use flash, hence the blurriness. Don't tell them please.

I snuck into his chair for this picture. I know I look a lot like Michael Moore in this picture, but they say the camera adds 10 pounds to your weight. And there were like 20 cameras in the room.

After the show was over we headed to the subway. Check out the sign in the subway that my wife and I posed under.

You can see I look somewhat better with less cameras on me (and my wife's still got it too!). But isn't that weird to have a subway sign still telling you how to get to the World Trade Center buildings?

(Unrelated: This is funny!)

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