Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Too Young for the Limelight

Monday, December 19, 2005

Too Young for the Limelight

I went to a Phish concert last night to get some new pictures of hippies. Phish is an old band in the style of the Grateful Dead, but I read that they are trying to appeal to a younger crowd. THEY WENT TOO FAR! I've always believed that Britney Spears and her type enter the spotlight too young. I believe it damages them emotionally and they probably cannot ever recover. But this is ridiculous. Their new lead singer is like 5 years old! I have serious doubts as to whether that is even a real guitar.

The poor kid is being traumatized by learning that hippies are not just in horror stories. They are real. 5 years old is just too young to learn about that horrifying fact, much less sing for them. Boy, if I had any idea who the mother of this child was, I'd give her a smack. Lucky for her, I have no clue.

I'm off to cook up a batch of toast to rest my nerves.

(layer style "color" is good for changing color of masked items, gaussian blur to make her look like other blurry band members. Render->Lighting Effects sealed the deal. If you know this child's mother, don't 'smack her' :) )

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