Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Kids are the Future

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Kids are the Future

The AP is reporting that parents in Pakistan are taking a more active role in educating their children. "Schools are great" said Abu, father of the child in the photo. "There is just too much they don't teach. I mean, sure, my son got pencils and paper. But I had to buy him his first dagger out of my own pocket! While wahabi schools cover a lot, they unfortunately only teach our children to hate. They show them nothing about how to vent that hatred in the form of riots and murder. You really have to learn things like that from your dad."

Despite specialized wahabi courses including "Suicide, the fast-track to Allah", and the new "Terrorizing for two" course for expectant mothers, most parents don't feel that enough anger is being instilled in their children. Abu believes that "A parents role is crucial if we want to continue to avoid peace with the infidels. I'm just doing my part."

(It is necessary and urgent to criticise Islam. I hope this photo helps you understand this.)

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