Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Gardening FYI

Monday, July 24, 2006

Gardening FYI

Did you know that if you plant 8 watermelon seeds in your garden, they will produce about 20 watermelons, all becoming ripe on the same day? Make sure you have lots of friends before you plant watermelons (the mail lady became our friend today, for the sole purpose of unloading a watermelon:)).

Muscadines are like grapes in growth habits, but taste a little different. Eating a handful is good, but any more than that and they get kind of nasty. We don't eat much jelly here, so I'm thinking about learning how to make wine with these babies.

Have you ever wondered what cherry tomatoes look like when the area is covered in weeds? Wonder no more!

This is what figs look like before they've been Newton'd:

Having the day off, we rounded up the garden's bounty today. It was a great haul! Too bad I don't like any of the vegetables we picked :( If only cows were as easy to grow!

This one might be photoshopped.

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