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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Our Readers Are Influential

I'm uncomfortable bragging, but someone's got to do it. While this seems like a tiny blog to some, it's important to note that the readers are the biggest of Earth's movers and shakers. They are the Illuminati, if you will. For example, Le was the first 'supermodel'. Here she is posing for a magazine cover as a kid, flaunting her tattoos (she has since had the 'hollywood' tattoo surgically removed).

Le has used her beauty to get into the world of politics, and now controls the social conservative movement. Let's hope she only uses those tattoos only for good! And yes, she shaves her armpits.

Defiant Infidel, another peruser of the Toast blog, is considered by many to be the leader of the NRA movement.

That was a picture of him laughing at a joke. Yes, he's THAT serious. Don't mess with DI... He's defiantly infidelical. Plus, he controls all Americans who own a gun. He could kill you with an accidental wink!

Angel, it will not surprise you to know, controls most of New York. Here's a photo of her getting ready for a night of 'stamping out evil'.

Evil, quit trying to hide in NYC. Angel's coming. And she's packin'.

Schuma, on the other hand, isn't keeping America safe at all. He's working on Taiwan! He's in charge of what is Taiwan's equivalent to the CIA. Here he is in Taipei, schooling a a mainland China spy.

I know! Those chinese spies are good with makeup. But not good enough to sneak by Schuma, or as his friends call him, 'The Schuminator". That's one spy who's not phoning home soon.

This post is long enough, and I haven't even made a dent in exposing our readers for the powerhouses they are. Still to come: Exposes (pronounced 'ex po zays') on Existingthing, Stick and Stein, Stew Magoo, Zendo Deb, Benning (he's evil though. More on that later), blob, the Wyoming gal collective, and even young Nettie. I've got the goods on all of you!

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