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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How to Destroy a Child

Angel writes a particularly painful post to read. Painful because these children are being abused so, and also because we in the West are going to have to kill them someday, for the murderous jihadism that has been instilled upon them by their elders. jihadism doesn't wash out.

She doesn't explicitly make the connection, but I do: We have to kill today's islamofascist kids to insure that freedom and civilization exists tomorrow. To make matters worse, we can't kill them now... for cripes sake, who wants to kill a kid!?! There's a slim possibility that a jihadi raised kid will not murder anyone in his life, after all (slim though that possibility may be). No, we have to wait until they kill innocents, and wreck entire families, because (and I mostly agree) it's the only civilized way to handle murderous scumbags.

But how about this idea? We find the parents who are treating their kids as future bombs, and arrest them for child abuse, or just kill them. I'm cool with either option. In fact, I lean to the right of that sentence.


We shouldn't have to fear for our family's lives because some jihadi is raising their kid to be a nail-bomb. But then, neither should the child. Arrest/shoot parents who treat their kids like this. Arrest/shoot imams who suggest that raising a kid in this manner is 'ok'. Again, I'm saying use 'arrest' as a last resort. The other option is imminently preferrable.

The left has us so close to saying that 'raising kids on jihad' and 'treating women like crap' is just muslim religious expression, and therefore protected, and totally copasetic. I'm beyond sickened. The world is lucky I don't have my hand on the 'button' :). Sections of the world would be glowing. But peace would ensue.

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