Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: CORN!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


G-90, my friends. The super sweets are horribly overrated because of their tiny ears and excessive bug attraction. With G-90, we got 3 ears off a dozen plants! 2 off another quarter. One beautiful ear off of the rest. No losses, as far as I could tell. Zero ears lost to the 'coons, since we shocked the sh*t out of them with a 10kv wire. Just a fyi: I hate raccoons and would enjoy giving them more than a shock, but can't figure out how.

If you didn't understand that last paragraph, don't bother trying to figure it out. You won't care. It's just about how to make a tiny planting of corn work (G-90!).

Update: By 'tiny' I should mention that it means 60x.5 (I planted them kinda close)x30= 900-2700 ears of corn (likely 1.2k ears). Corn party at my place!

Update II: What a day. Good Lord, I'm sick of corn. And cucumbers. And peas and okra and squash and #%&$^ tomatoes. Still cool with watermelons though. They rarely require weeding or picking. And that is the definition of a great plant. Peppers: also cool.

If you've got a quarter of an acre to spare, plant a garden and you too can be sick of all of these vegetables! Remember to plant 'G-90' corn and put up an electric fence to zap (sadly, harmlessly) critters like raccoons and deer. If we didn't give most of the stuff away to friends, the 1/4 acre garden would easily support us for 6 months. I heartily recommend a garden for anyone, even zero lot people (it's possible, my brother did it.)

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