Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Format Change

Monday, July 16, 2007

Format Change

In order to drum up advertising sales, this blog will no longer discuss toast related subjects, or the fact that conservatism/libertarianism is the best way to live. We're going PORN!

First up, meet Chastity, a gal who likes walks on the beach, eating table scraps, and fetching.

TOTALLY NUDE! That's how we're doing things here now. And here's Annika, a girl looking for a man just to 'rut with for a while':

I hope the censors don't get me... she's not even eighteen! And to keep the ladies happy, meet Rusty, who says he prefers cuddling and listening over anything else.

Again, TOTALLY NUDE. I hope long time readers aren't offended by the new format, but you HAVE to admit - There's just not enough porn on the web.

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