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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Something to Ponder

Like Nazism, Islam is an ideology one chooses to adhere to. Were there "good" or "moderate" Nazis? If not, then no one can claim that there are good or moderate Muslims as they are voluntarily subscribing to an ideology that advocates murder, torture and jihad and does not permit its follower to cherry-pick which parts they believe in.
That's probably not a fair statement. Many people became Nazis because they were scared of what the Nazis would do to them if they didn't. Likewise, many muslims are muslim for the same reason. Still, it's interesting.

" is not Muslims that are the problem. Islam is the problem. There are many Muslims who want a modernized and democratic Islam – Salim Mansur, Thomas Haidon, Kamal Nawash and Mustafa Akyol are among them. And these reformers and moderates oppose the extremists in their religion just as much as any one us.

Yes, we cannot reform Islam without being honest about the violence, discrimination and hate that it teaches. And yes, there is a big question if the Islam with [the violence] taken out of it can remain an Islam at all"

It's a very interesting read.

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