Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: New Campaign Posters

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Campaign Posters

I was trying to combine some of Obama's Messiah photos, but our cow kept getting in the way. Oh well, I'll work on it later.

This one is for conservatives. We got totally screwed this year :(.

UPDATE, but not even remotely related: Although it is typical for them to receive endorsements, our presidential hopefuls instead do a little endorsing of their own:

UPDATE 2: Nah, I'm kidding. McCain wasn't endorsing Robert Spencer's awesome book. I just photoshopped it in. Here's the original.

UPDATE 3: After visiting Reverend Wright for a personal sermon, Obama has written a third book! I saw him carrying a copy while he was making his way to his personal Boeing 757, Carbon Spewer One.

When he wasn't looking, I snagged a copy of it. Each sentence has a little superscript number after the period. Where have I seen that before?

UPDATE 4: You'd think by now there'd be some rhyme or reason to this post. You'd be wrong!

UPDATE 5: Obama sent down from upon high his choice for VP. We think it went something like this:

UPDATE 6: It's unclear why Obama would choose Biden as his running mate. Critics claim that he won't ever look you in the eye, like an honest person would. Proponents blame this on a rare birth-defect.

UPDATE 7: Again, unrelated, but friends, I may have just solved a huge portion of the world's troubles. I was sent an anonymous email on how to do it. Here's how:

Empty the recycle bin. Then create a folder, and name it "the murderous misogynistic parts of the koran.. i.e. most of it", and then delete it. When you empty the recycle bin again, a simple clicking of 'yes' puts all of the weight of Microsoft behind you.

I imagine it's a lot of extra work for those poor Microsoft peons having to dissect all of those currently evil korans, but in the end everyone benefits!

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