Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Violence Works!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Violence Works!

Corporations are quickly realizing that intimidation and the occasional mass-murder is the wave of the future. Steve Jobs of Apple Computer noted that 'Hamas simply blew up a few thousand people, and suddenly they OWN the Gaza strip! Those palestinians have very good marketing technique. We could learn from them."

Geico, always on the cutting edge of advertising, went one step further. They've hired a pack of jihadis to promote their business.

When asked whether the company was worried about repercussions from violent brutality, a Spokesman shrugged off the idea. "Did you see what happened in Israel a few weeks ago? PM Olmert traded live terrorists for corpses! If we get arrested, we'll just kidnap some people, kill them, and use their dead bodies to get our employees sprung from jail. No harm done."

UPDATE: I've been informed that I should mention that Geico is the best insurance company around... if I want to live.


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