Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Matrix, Retoasted

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Matrix, Retoasted

A lot of people who saw The Matrix missed the many tributes to toast spread throughout the movie. Here's one of them where the computer screen shows a digital representation of toast being eaten by someone (or 3 people?) inside the matrix.

I recently got a chance to interview the directors of the film, Andy and Larry Wachowski. When I asked about all the toast tributes in the trilogy, Andy replied, "It's obvious, really. Toast is such a big part of our lives, both on and off the set. Larry has a Quizno's toasted sub almost every day for lunch. Sure, he puts meat and lettuce and stuff on it, but we all know the truth. The toast is the meal, the rest is just condiments".

They said some other stuff about movies, actors, and special effects, but I did not bring a notepad, so I can't remember the specifics. It didn't matter though. I remembered the important part.
(Matrix tutorial. The tutorial does it better. I got bored with the Matrix look halfway through and did not finish with the tutorial.)

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