Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Long Live Toast

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Long Live Toast

Oh well, time to give up on toast. I made this blog because I wanted to learn how to use Adobe's photo manipulation software, such as Photoshop© and Elements©. Everyone I knew was starting to get annoyed at all the goofy pictures I sent them, but if I could not show them to someone, it seemed like it was not worth the effort. I made this site to post the pictures I made so I would not feel like I was wasting my time. I was wasting my time, but I didn't want it to feel that way :).

Here is a good example of WHY some people got mad at me. My friend got her navel pierced, and sent me a picture because she knows I'm not a fan of pierced body parts (or tattoos for that matter). I replied with an edited version of her pic (I removed the top half of the barbell-looking jewelry and added the cow tattoo)

I know it's crude humor, but I thought it was hilarious! Unfortunately, she thought the exact opposite. To make a long story short, here's a picture describing our discussion after I emailed this pic to her. I'm the guy on the left:

Anyway, two months later, I am as good at photo editing now as I am likely to get. It's fun to mess around with photos, but I have no desire (or ability) to become an expert. And I'm getting sick of looking at pictures of toast. I can't remember why, when I created the site, I went with 'toast' as the theme, other than it was the dumbest thing to blog about that I could think of. Sadly, I can think of no more toast related BS to write about, no matter ridiculous (going through the archives, it's clear that I've exhausted 'ridiculous'). I will continue to eat toast, but probably wlll not blog about it when I do. It's time to move on to more important things.

I know what you are thinking. "Why not devote your blog to the 20th amendment? What is more important: toast, or the 20th amendment to the Constitution?" I'm not about to try to tackle that age old question. "Toast for the masses", or "congress convening on Jan 3"... it's just too close to call. I'll think of some theme eventually though.

I'm going to try to continue the "Is this guy mentally ill or something" style of writing, but no more toast. Thanks to all who read and didn't complain about what an idiot I am :)

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