Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Laissez le Bon Ton Roulez!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Laissez le Bon Ton Roulez!

Normally I'm not one to brag, but when you receive news this good, it's hard not to. We had lunch in a chinatown restaurant in Lake Charles, LA today. After we finished our meal, the waitress presented us with magical cookies that predict the future! Here's what mine said (click to enlarge):

Not only am I, at some time in the future, going to have a happy lucky good time. My whole family is as well! Boy, my family sure is lucky to be related to me right now. In fact, the prediction is already coming true for them, since they had the luck to be related to me at this happy lucky good point in time!

I'm not selfish though. Anyone who wants to be an honorary part of my family, simply say the word, and you are in. Let the good times roll!

UPDATE January 2009: This post gets hit a lot, and I suspect it is not what people are actually searching for. I suggest performing a new search with the phrase "laissez le bon temps roulez", which is the correct Cajun spelling for 'let the good times roll'. I went for the phonetic spelling so that people who don't live in Louisiana could still say 'let the good times roll!' in Cajun fairly well.

I hope the good times are rolling for you!

In case you just wanted to pronounce it correctly for your visit to New Orleans or Lafayette, It's Lay Zay Lay Bon Ton Roo Lay. Try to minimize the N sound, and people will think you are a native when you visit! I reckon :).

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