Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Women, Part XCLVIV

Friday, June 16, 2006

Women, Part XCLVIV

My wife and I are big fans of celebrities. When we first got married, she was in love with Tom Selleck and I with Heather Locklear. We even made a pact that if by some freak occurence she had a chance to sleep with Mr. Selleck or I with Ms. Locklear, we were allowed to do it one time, and the other could not be angry about it. Just with that one 'dream' person.

Last week she brought up the pact and we were laughing about it. Just for fun we decided to update our favorites. She chose Brad Pitt.

I chose Sarah Cunningham, our next-door neighbor.

I swear I don't understand women. Now, contrary to our agreement, my wife's all mad at me because my dream came true and her's didn't. How selfish is that?!?

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