Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Quoting Nostradamus

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Quoting Nostradamus

"And in the valleys a flame unforseen before these days
Flames eating and eaten by the beast remained unextinguished
In the land of the Moor, he will burn bright
for fourteen years, until the people of that land have shaved their hands and beards."

I don't like to weigh this weenie blog down with serious discussion, but I have to ask, "Wow, what did he mean by this?" Man, that guy was deep! Or was he? Short answer: no, he wasn't. He just made stuff up. Like I did. Just now! Yup, that's not a Nostradamus quote, it's a blogagog quote. But feel free to use it. Additional quatrains can be purchased from me for $7 each. If you want a desired result (i.e. last sentence) from the quatraine, it will cost you $9. Firm.

I also do Shakespeare. Just a minute ago my dog was buggin' me so I put her outside, saying "out out damned spot!" Culture from Louisiana, for only $7! What a bargain! Keats? No I don't do English people. I don't have the accent down (Shakespeare was a 'pre-American', not an englishman).

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