Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Why I Hate Peace Agreements

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Why I Hate Peace Agreements

In ancient times, wars ended when one side decided they had had enough of getting beat up and surrendered. Sometime between 1945 and when I was born, that all changed. Now war is much more civilized. Wars are ended with a temporary cease-fire, followed by peace negotiations, followed by a peace treaty.

This seems like a caring way to end wars, and if we all lived in fantasyland, it certainly would be. This is the "progressive" or "reality-based" way of ending wars. It's a great idea, it just doesn't work. History shows us that cease-fires don't end wars; they merely postpone them, or leave the area in continuous detente. Peace agreement does not equal peace.

The idea is reality-based in the same way the “The Amityville Horror” is a book based on reality, but is certainly a far cry from the actual reality. The reality-based community certainly has a base here in reality, though I wish they'd come to live here permanently. They are causing an endless cycle of violence that has continued and grown steadily, because the massive and painful war that is required to end violence once and for all is no longer allowed. So the little wars continue to grow in number and size. And in number of deaths.

Look at the places where cease-fire agreements have taken place:
Africa in general

I’m sure there are plenty more. In all cases, cease-fires mean continued hostilities, militarized borders, and steadily growing death tolls. Except of course in Vietnam, where the peace agreement resulted in continued hostilities, followed by the destruction of South Vietnam and 750,000 people.

Peace agreements are not a solution, they are a problem! They only result in stopping the western signatories from attacking. They do nothing to hinder the barbarian side, who will inevitably restart the war at a time of their choosing.

The islamofascists are exactly like the bushido following Japanese of the 1940's. They are completely unwilling to change, and completely willing to fight to the death, and cannot be appeased. To the very last man, they must be killed. Unfortunately, that will never happen while views like that of Jimmy Carter are considered valid. Trust me, there are quite a few people who do consider them valid.

This new Israeli cease-fire is all but guaranteed to assure that the battle will be postponed until Hezbollah can re-arm and attack Israel again. When they do attack Israel again, they will use what they learned about how to fight Israel (i.e. lots more hiding behind civilians and setting booby-traps, better ambushing tactics, etc.), so the death toll will be higher. The cease-fire will amount to giving Hezbollah a real-life training session.

So, kudos to the reality-based community. There may be a cease-fire because of your diligence to pointing out that children die in wars. The inevitable result will be a bigger war with a higher death toll on both sides. But don’t let that concern you – the war’s over for now. If you don’t bother to look at historical evidence, the future’s a mystery to you, right? Disproportionate war is wrong, but you may get your unintended result. You may even give the islamofascists enough time to build an army (packing nukes) strong enough to get what they want - A caliphate running from India to southern Spain. And in fairness, the war will then be proportionate! I have no doubt that in the fantasy land that you live in, the islamofascists will stop there, and not try to increase the size of the Caliphate. I should also mention that under this Caliphate, women are treated only slightly better than dogs, but don’t worry, you’re doing the right thing progressives. You’re very moral. (What is the ‘sarcasm off’ HTML tag?)

I wonder how big the war is going to be when even the liberals realize that ‘peace-agreements’ don’t solve anything and unconditional surrender is the only way to end a war forever. I’m starting to wonder if we’ll be the victor by then.

UPDATE: No cease-fire! My whining was premature, I'm happy to say. All apologies.

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