Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Fitna

Thursday, March 27, 2008


NSFW. I tried to watch it but it appears liveleak has run out of bandwidth. You might have to try later.

UPDATE: Liveleak has since removed Fitna from their servers. The link now shows their apology, which says, "It is a sad day for freedom of speech, but we are unwilling to risk our lives to protect that freedom." Scroll down for the movie on Youtube. (YouTube has removed it as well.)

Robert Spencer on the removal of Fitna by LiveLeak:

I understand their concern for their employees -- sure. The employees didn't sign up for this. But if Americans and Westerners and all people who are threatened by the global jihad and Islamic supremacism aren't willing to give their lives for this cause, then all is lost. Because the jihadists certainly are willing to give their lives for their cause. For them, no price is too high. And if any price is too high for us, then ultimately all we will have to pay is jizya.

LiveLeak's explanation:

You can watch it at Dollard is hosting it locally so there is no chance it will be removed.

I find nothing too impressive about this video. It shows clips that most of us have already seen and explains things we have known about islam for quite some time. I'm only posting it because some muslims want to squelch the West's freedom of speech, and that's not ok with me.

LAST UPDATE: LiveLeak has apparently put the video back up on their site. Good for them. I uploaded a copy to Google Video just in case. YouTube deleted it when I tried them because it was too long.

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