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Monday, May 05, 2008


Does anyone read the website, Pajamas Media? If so, quit it. Once hyped as a great alternative to the MSM, they have now become useless. They're now worse than the media they sought to depose. Roger Simon, a man who I once approved of so much that I was willing to include his middle initial (L.) DESPITE my disgust for people who can't exist with merely two names, has let us down. He's become a shill! No, they'll get no more support from me.

Why have I lost interest in supporting PJM? Because they cut off The Gates of Vienna. It's that simple. What kind of idiotic move is that?! Yet they still allow AoS. I'm not complaining about that: I love AoS and read Ace almost daily. I'm just denoting the hypocrisy. Ace is rude as hell, and that's fine and fun, but when GoV personnel merely mention truth, The cops at Pajamas Media throttle them?!?

Enough. Roger Simon can kiss my ass. And stick that L where the sun doesn't shine. Well, the top half, anyway.

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