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Sunday, June 18, 2006

I think he's blushing

Truthout's Jason Leopold falsely claimed that Rove would be indicted. He said, "High level sources with direct knowledge of the meeting [have affirmed it]." Then he stated that, while the source was confidential, if the story turned out to be false he would print the source's name to prove he wasn't just making it all up.

Well the story did turn out to be false, and Rove is not guilty of any charges. Currently, there is not even any plan to falsely accuse him. So Jason owes us the name of the person who made false statements, right? Well today, he delivered!

The press was stunned. Jason said, "The person who gave me this information was... Karl Rove! It's all his fault." Most of us were doubtful until he showed us the proof. "This document is written in a code language often used by conspirators to keep us all in the dark. But the staff here at Truthout has finally cracked the code, and it clearly says that Rove will be indicted. Unfortunately, we appear to have a mole here at Truthout, and Rove had him plant the document to make us look foolish. It's all part of his ongoing plan to make the left look like idiots."

Wow! Rove is so evilly sneaky, he even conspiratorially created his own conspiracy just to embarrass Jason Leopold (in some sort of vast right-wingish conspiracy that is clearly too deep to go into here). My point is this: How can we trust a man like Karl Rove that would create conspiracy within conspiracies within even more conspiracies... just to silence our brief lesson in speaking truth to power that is personified by Jason Leopold?

Short Answer: We can't. Let's stick with trusting Jason Leopold. He's never lied to us before, has he?

(For legal reasons this post was written by my lawyer: Denny Crane. But I did the colorizing.)

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