Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: The Feminization of Public School

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Feminization of Public School

Is the public school system crushing the spirit of boys? Gerry Garibaldi, a public school teacher for more than two decades says yes. Responding to feminists complaints that girls were "losing thie voice" in a male dominated classroom, they went too far and no longer allow boys to be boys.
As a result, boys have become increasingly disengaged. Only 65 percent earned high school diplomas in the class of 2003, compared with 72 percent of girls, education researcher Jay Greene recently documented. Girls now so outnumber boys on most university campuses across the country that some schools, like Kenyon College, have even begun to practice affirmative action for boys in admissions. And as in high school, girls are getting better grades and graduating at a higher rate.
Boys are dropping out or being diagnosed with learning disabilities at a much greater rate than at any other time in recent history. Ask Gary and he'll tell you why. "Their problem: they don’t want to be girls."

I have sympathy for the boys in today's schools. Of course boys don't want to be feminized when they are young. If memory serves, girls of grade school age all have cooties. Who wants to have those?

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