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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I've got nothing to do for a few hours, so I sent an email to Reuters.

Could you please mention when your photos are captured by a stringer? The lack of this description causes me to question all of your photos, simply because many of your stringers are dishonest. That's just not fair to you. You have great photographers, but their work is lessened by the misrepresentation of your stringers.

Please mention whether it is a stringer or an employee who takes the picture so there is no need to treat every Reuters photo with distrust.

Thanks in advance,


My guess is that they'll blow me off. We'll see.

UPDATE: Yup, they blew me off :(

Thank you for contacting Reuters with your comments and feedback. Your comments have been passed on to our editorial team at If you have further comments or suggestions on any Reuters articles, send them to his e-mail address. Please note that due to the huge volume of e-mails sent to the Editor daily, we may be unable to provide a response. However, all comments are read and taken into consideration, some of which can be viewed on our homepage .
Hardly unexpected. Oh well, see you in a few days.

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