Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: The Effectiveness of the UN

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Effectiveness of the UN

Since Kofi Annan took the leadership of the UN, he has been a singularly effective leader.

1994 - Annan is Head of UN Security forces in Rwanda

Hey Hutus, stop committing
Genocide on those Tutsis!


1999 - Annan is Secretary General in charge of all Peacekeepers

Hey peacekeepers in the Congo,
stop raping/impregnating children!

Well, we'll get to the bottom
of this in the next decade or
two, and then you might pay for
your crimes!

March 2003, Sudan

Hey Sudan Government, stop
committing genocide in Darfur.

Ok, then we will send in
peacekeepers to stop you!

Nope. You won't.

Well, expect a referendum in
the near future then!

This week, Iran

Mr. Achmadenijihad, stop enriching

Ok, but you should stop denying
the holocaust occurred, and stop
saying Israel must be destroyed.

Would you at least consider stopping
Iran from supplying of arms to
Hezbollah? Throw me a bone...

You're not going to ask for
verification or anything, are you?
I guess we could make that statement,
as long as you promise not to check
to see if we are lying.

Another victory for the UN!

More specifically, he's been so singularly effective that his reign over the UN has only had a single effect: Kofi Annan has caused a mass-raising of middle fingers across the globe.

Unfortunately, ineffectiveness and criminal conduct are not new to the UN. Here's a rundown of some of their escapades written in 1997. Not much has changed in the decade since :( I say let's withdraw from this ignoble organization and start a new one: The United Democratic Nations (UDN). I'd even be willing to decide who is democratic enough for entry into the organization and who isn't! For a paltry UN style fee of $250k a year and full diplomatic immunity of course.

Update: Check out my post at The Steel Deal. It's about the new oil found in the Gulf of Mexico, but I worked in a photoshopped hippie! They're my favorite :)

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