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Friday, September 01, 2006

Need Feedback

Rather than do something useful today, I'm making changes to the layout of this blog. I'm trying to widen the yellowish area where the text of the posts go. It's too thin to put photos in with text wrapped around it right now.

If you see a problem or dislike the new layout, please comment here (I'm still trying to find where the rounded corners thing is, so no need to comment on that particular problem). It may be too wide for some screens. Let me know if it is. I've got the old template saved so I can always go back if you guys don't like it.


Update: Fixed the corners, but had to link to off-site graphics to do it. If anyone notices slower page loads, please comment about that as well. They are tiny files (~60 bytes) so I don't expect trouble. But you never know.

Update #2: Does anyone want a free NEC-1300A DVD +/-R burner (runs at 4x and seems unable to burn 16x DVDs)? If so, drop me an email (blogagog over at with your address. I've only got one to give away, so first come, first served. I purchased some 16x blank DVDs that it couldn't understand, and it was cheaper to just buy a new burner than to return the DVDs. Still, I hate to waste it since it still works perfectly well with 8x or 4x DVDs. I think it has a DVD in it, but am too lazy to try to remove it. So it may come with a free DVD!!!

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