Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Sensless Murder on the Open Seas

Friday, September 08, 2006

Sensless Murder on the Open Seas

How could someone kill such beautiful, peaceful creatures? It takes true evil to murder on such a grand scale. Yet every day, the death count rises, and you hear almost nothing about it in the press. Apparently, the media has been bought off by these vile b*st*rds.

I recently spoke with marine biologist Max Plankton, who informed me that these killing machines can destroy over a million lives in a single gulp! Peaceful krill, wanting nothing more than to float around all day in the deep blue sea, are getting their lives snuffed out by the billions every day. Whales are the equivalent of Nazi exterminators in the ocean. Horrible creatures.

How long can we continue to ignore this genocide? The UN doesn't have a policy on genocide, so they won't help. But we can! Next time you are on a ship on the ocean, shoot a whale if you see one. Do it for the children. The krill children.

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