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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The World is Falling Apart - Humans Hardest Hit

I've been trying to find something fun to post, but honestly, I can't find anything. Is nothing good happening in the world right now?

-Felipe Calderon has been declared the new President of Mexico, but his rival, Manuel Obrador, is vowing to rule as President from the streets. I'm predicting civil strife.

-Muslims in Iraq seem unwilling to live in harmony with other muslims that believe in a slightly different version of Islam. I'm predicting continued violence.

-President Musharraf has ceded northern Pakistan to Taliban supporting tribesmen. I'm predicting increased violence in eastern Afghanistan.

-The UN supported cease-fire on the Israel/Lebanon border isn't being supported by the UN at all! Where are the troops? I'm predicting war. In 24 months or so, once Iran figures out how to sneak tanks into Lebanon.

-In Iran and Syria, the only places in the world where violence is actually needed, I'm predicting appeasement and peace. And soon, nuclear deterrent!

So here's the best good news I could come up with.

Antarctica continues its unprecedented centuries long record of peace with the rest of the world.

How do they do it? Someone should ask those penguins to divulge the secret.

Listen to our anthem

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