Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Quick Takes

Friday, May 16, 2008

Quick Takes

-Pope re-instates gay marriage ban after California vote. Hah! Take THAT, California courts. If judges can create laws, then so can he!

-Obama calls Hamas 'hummus'. "We need to sit down with hummus and start a dialogue. It's the only way to peace." I wonder if he knows the difference between the two.

- Soldier refuses to serve in Iraq because he feels it's an illegal war. Government grants him 15 years of leisure in Leavenworth to reconsider his decision.

- From the 'Are You #$%& Kidding Me?' files - Dutch police arrest person for drawing a cartoon! WTH? The Dutch aren't even French. So why are they surrendering their freedoms like frenchmen?

- Lastly, catching up on my reading (well, more accurately, 'blowing it off'), I may have set a new browser record:

Can anyone beat that? I hope those 125 posts aren't important, because I'm kind of tired.

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