Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Vote Democrat for Prez(I'm not kidding)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Vote Democrat for Prez(I'm not kidding)

One of my favorite pundits tells conservative politicians to "Cut ties with McCain and the RNC and run as conservatives"

AMEN! Levin is right. Cut the cord! The RNC sucks almost as much as the DNC these days. Cut the cord! Cutting the cord is how such a cool conservative as Bobby Jindal got elected as our governor. Cut the friggin' cord!

Cut the ties to the RNC and RETURN TO CONSERVATISM!

I hope I'm not alone in hoping that McCain never becomes president. I'll vote against him if I have to - Even if it means a vote for the disingenuous man known as 'Obama'. Even if it means voting Democrat for the first time in my life. We simply cannot allow a liberal such as McCain to claim to be a conservative and destroy what we stand for. His willingness to worship at the altar of global warming makes it abundantly clear that he has a liberal bent (or an intelligence problem), but it's only one of many liberal stances he has. He's also a big fan of allowing foreigners free-reign to invade our country. There's very little that's conservative about him. He DOES seem to be anti-tax, but that's really small potatoes when you consider his liberal ideals mentioned above.

Conservatives, listen. We've already lost the election. There are no conservatives left in the race. There's nothing we can do. Vote for true conservatives in the House and Senate if you can. But keep in mind, that's the only option left for you. Voting for McCain will only legitimize the idea that Republicans are actually closet liberals. NTY.

Please please please don't make me leave the Republican party. Vote against McCain. He's no conservative. Don't vote for him like he is. Let the crazy hippie Obama get the job. It's the only way we can show him up. But more importantly, it's the only way we can revive conservatism. Think about the fallout from the Carter years or Clinton in 1994 before you doubt me. Remember how much both of those situations unexpectedly benefited conservatives dramatically? The first got us Reagan, and the second got us the first Republican House majority in 40-50 years.

Electing McCain will have the opposite effect. It will connect us forever with falling for the global warming scam, and it will connect us forever with allowing anyone from any nation to cross our borders at will. The actual results will probably be the same no matter who we vote for, but wouldn't you agree that it would be better to let the Democrats be the ones who look stupid for buying into global warming and look weak for being unable to clamp down on our borders?

In fairness, I have to admit that I've never really been a Republican, although I'm registered that way. I'm a conservative, and that's all. It just happened that for all of my life, Republicans were conservative. It's becoming clear that this is no longer a true statement.

A vote against McCain is a vote for conservatism.

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