Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: How to Deal With Crisis

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

How to Deal With Crisis

According to the Ace of Spades:

Good Lord. Have you visited that site lately? It's government subsidypalooza over there. And IT'S PISSING ME OFF.

Hopefully you know that I don't swear lightly (on paper). Ace's disregard for conservatism has got me swearing like a drunken sailor who, once drunk, had two more drinks! I can't go on, because I'm so pissed off at that #$%hole for joining the ranks of the libtards that I working hard here not to curse. His liberal whining potentially cost his conservative readers quite a bundle; at least those who lack testicular or ovarian fortitude.

Add Ace to the list of cool conservatives who have pissed me off. That makes the list:
-Roger Simon (L. removed because he's a jerk)
-Allahpundit (because of his disdain for half of all conservatives - i.e. the religious ones)
-Glenn Reynolds (but only because he conflates news with advertisements)
-Ace of Spades (because he's acting like Andrew Sullivan)

Sheesh. I need some new websites.

Hey Ace, how about this for a new site avatar? You whiny anti-capitalistic #@$%^#. (That wasn't a curse. That's just donkey-speak for 'Eeyore'.)

How about some reasonable discussion about the big money grab? Here's something from Reason Magazine. I know, I know, they smoke a lot of weed over there, and are generally slackers and malcontents. Not hippies, not commies, but some sort of unnatural hippie/commie hybrid. But the guy they are interviewing doesn't appear to have that vice. Give it a listen:

Listen to our anthem

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